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Northbrook Glenview Dist. 30 Sets Sights On New 5-Year Strategic Plan

District 30 Board of Education Members (from left) Keith Karchmar, Pamela Manicioto and Superintendent Dr. Emily Tammaru leading one of four district-wide Conversations with the Community this past fall. These events were among preliminary opportunities for stakeholder input that is guiding the district’s current Strategic Plan process. (Photo submitted)

Northbrook Glenview School Dist. 30 has embarked on a process to create a new five-year strategic plan for the district with the theme “Dream, Believe, Achieve – Together in 30.” 

The draft plan is expected to come before board of education members in May. An implementation period would follow.

Supt. Emily Tammaru, who began her tenure in July replacing former Supt. Brian Wegley, who retired, said that as superintendent, she began meeting with community members quickly after starting in her new role, including two community open houses on Wednesday, Sept. 27, and Wednesday, Nov. 29. A staff survey was also conducted in the last week of October. 

From that, she said the move to the formal strategic plan came in November to further explore what the Dist. 30 community values are and, “where we’re heading (as a district), so we’re aligned with the community.”

The district hired consultants Catalyst for Educational Change (CEC) in November to provide strategic planning services.

The district established a 60-member “Plan Team,” which includes staff, community members, including those without students in the district, and 12 students from the fifth and eighth grades, which held its first orientation meeting Tuesday, Jan. 16. 

Tammaru said initial plans were to see 50 people on the Plan Team, but in the end, no one who wanted to be part of it was turned away, bringing the team to 60 members.  

Consultants are expected to assist in creating the plan for six months, until May, and continue assisting district officials to implement the plan for another six months, Tammaru said. 

The district also conducted its first online survey connected to the new strategic plan, which closed on Friday, Jan. 19. The survey saw more than 240 community members respond.

As one of their first tasks, members of the Plan Team will be responsible for analyzing community survey results along with additional Dist. 30 data during a scheduled Thursday, Feb. 1 retreat. 

Additionally,  a vision retreat is scheduled for the Plan Team on Monday, March 18 and a “setting direction retreat” is scheduled for Tuesday, April 16. 

After each retreat, district officials will post the results of the Plan Team’s work on a district website to update the public on the progress of the strategic plan, along with social media channels, e-newsletters, and print newsletters mailed to all district households. 

The Plan Team is ultimately expected to draft the final strategic plan with staff and consultants. 

Along the way to that goal, Plan Team members will work with consultants to conduct a district SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis and draft a “preferred future” statement. 

Dist. 30 is not only a feeder district to Glenbrook High School Dist. 225, but Maple School and the district administration offices are located next to Glenbrook North High School. 

Dist. 225 is also conducting a strategic planning process. Tammaru said she has been in contact with Dist. 225 Supt. Charles Johns, and said Dist. 30 administrators have also been in contact with their counterparts at Dist. 225 regarding the development of the strategic plans.

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