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New Playgrounds, Renovations In Works For MP’s Lions Park

Rendering of Lions Park with phases labeled in certain areas of the park. (Courtesy of Mount Prospect Park District)

The first part of a multi-phase process to renovate Lions Park, 300 E. Council Tr., Mount Prospect, is underway.

“All of the equipment will be removed,” Mount Prospect Park District planner and project manager Ben Kutscheid said of the $1.9 million first phase, adding that the development will include new 5-12-year-old and 2-5-year-old playgrounds.

The first phase includes “new shelter, picnic grove, fitness center, pathways, tennis court and ball field improvements, benches, tables, shade trees and a detention/pollinate basin/garden. Determining the exact play equipment, benches, tables, shelter and fitness equipment is part of the ongoing design process,” Kutscheid said.

An open house was conducted by the park district Thursday, March 2 where 25 local families came and were invited to offer input on the new playground equipment. Amongst the suggestions were new swings, omni spins and of course, slides.

“Lions Memorial Park Playground is one of most loved playgrounds and one of our oldest,” Kutcsheid said. “Lions Memorial Park Playground due to its age and use requires the most upkeep of any playground in the park system.”

He added that the new playground will not be in the same location as the original, explaining they do not need to remove the old one until the new playground is installed.

As of now, the park district states they are prepping for summer bidding from construction companies with the goal of fall construction.

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