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Immigrants Will Soon Be Transported To Des Plaines, Governor Tells City

A group of immigrants from South or Central America and possibly Mexico will be transported to Des Plaines soon, the Journal & Topics has learned.

While details are sketchy, Des Plaines Mayor Andrew Gozckowski confirmed Saturday evening that he has been informed by Gov. J.P. Pritzker’s office of the transportation plan to move immigrants to Des Plaines. Goczkowski explained that the call from the governor’s office was designed to give him some advance notice. State officials did not say where the immigrants will be housed although he believes that they will be taken to a hotel near O’Hare Airport.

Goczkowski said he was not told how many will be moved to Des Plaines and when.

“I don’t think they know yet,” said the mayor. He added that when the immigrants arrive they will be treated well and welcomed to Des Plaines.

Over the last few weeks both Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis have shipped immigrants who have arrived in their state from Southern counties to northern communities like Elk Grove Village and Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts. Support local news by subscribing to the Journal & Topics in print or online.

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