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Des Plaines Stepping Up Efforts To Attract Tenants To Downtown Leela Building

The city of Des Plaines is stepping up its efforts to attract more businesses downtown, especially to the former Leela/Masonic Temple building at the northwest corner of Lee and Miner streets.

Notices that the city is seeking tenants to operate in the building that sits across from the Des Plaines Theater have been sent to prospective lessees. A Monday, June 19 deadline has been set for the city to receive proposals. An Open House and walk-through for respondents will be scheduled after responses have been received. The Open House will include a question and answer session hosted by City Manager Mike Bartholomew.

The city purchased the two-level Leela building early this year for approximate;ly $2.1 million. City leaders envision that most of the tenants in the building will offer entertainment related services such as a bar and restaurants. On the upper floor is a 240-seat theater and a 4,500 sq. ft. multi-purpose ballroom. The city intends to add an elevator to the building like it did inside the theater when it was renovated about three years ago. Major renovation of the Leela building is currently underway. Available spaces range from a couple of thousand square feet to 10,000 sq. ft.

Former Leela Arts Center and Masonic Temple at Lee and Miner streets, downtown Des Plaines.

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One response to “Des Plaines Stepping Up Efforts To Attract Tenants To Downtown Leela Building”

  1. Paul Chapman says:

    Perhaps if you did something to either modernize it or do something to make it more Antique you would get more offers, it’s a really dull looking building overall and its right next to the new theater which looks much better now

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