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3 Incumbents Best For Dist. 57Free Access

We recommend the election of current Mount Prospect Elementary School Dist. 57 board members Corrin Bennett-Kill, Kimberly Fay, and Christopher Lettow in the Tuesday, April 4 consolidated election. Four candidates are on the ballot.

All three current board members are vocal, have strong ideas on how to improve the district, can reach a consensus with other board members, and are cognizant of all stakeholders in the community. They support implementing full-day kindergarten in the future, but need to figure out how to make that happen from a fiscally responsible standpoint. 

Lettow brings a visionary leadership background. Due to his engineering background, he is capable of developing strategies, empowering teams and holding them accountable to seeing that vision become a reality.

He not only believes Lincoln Middle School has outlasted its usefulness, he would like to see a new building, but wants to make sure the board acts as responsible financial stewards at the same time.

Fay has emphasized that one of her priorities, if elected, is to strengthen the partnership between the district and parents. She wants to work to expand transparency so that parents can have a better understanding of how the district works.

As a board member, Fay said one of her priorities is and will be sound financial stewardship on behalf of the district’s stakeholders. To accomplish this, she said the board would need to assess the needs of the district’s stakeholders and then find a way to meet those needs in the most financially responsible way. 

Bennett-Kill brings a broad experience in data analysis, facilities management, large organizational budgets, and communications across various organizations.

Similar to Lettow, Bennett-Kill also would support a new Lincoln facility, but emphasized she would not support another referendum until 2028, keeping the district’s promise of not asking taxpayers for more money for at least 10 years since the last referendum passed in 2018.

We commend challenger Charmaine Grippo for her interest in running, but the three current board members have much more knowledge and expertise of the district that will be beneficial over the next four years.

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