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Speak Out! March 18-23, 2015

The following Speak Out! messages appear in March 18-23, 2015 editions of the Journal & Topics Newspapers.

Pleased with alderman

I am a resident of Des Plaines since 1962 and Dick Sayad has been the best and most informative alderman we have ever had. He holds 4th ward meetings including some city officials and sends emails with what is happening in the city. He was doing his job and accidentally went into a home he was invited to and then was taken by police to the station. What a mess. Let’s not become “Chicago, Jr.” Maria E.

Hear what gov has to say

I am already upset about everyone running Governor Rauner down to the ground about his budget. It’s a proposed budget. Let’s hear what he has to say and what’s going to happen. I think he should leave no money because we have a casino and we’re giving money away to every town in the country. We’ve got it to spend. Let’s overhaul what Marty did and ruined us for 30 years and have the money for ourselves and we’ll still prosper. How about that instead of being angry about Governor Rauner? He hasn’t even been in office for six months. He was voted in as the new governor. Look what the Democrats did. They ruined the darn city.

Says shame on mayor, candidate

Will Matt Bogusz and his pal Mark do everything they can to get Alderman Dick Sayad off of the city council? Shame on the mayor and the others for what they are doing to Alderman Sayad.

Aldermen shouldn’t tell others what to do

Yes, this is a Speak Out about Alderman Sayad who was arrested. Here’s a guy who sits up there every two weeks at the city council meeting condemning the city manager, the police chief, the fire chief and all the other people, he’s condemning them and yet he wants them to help him out. I think they should call him “Tricky Dick,” like the ex-president. I think that’s what he should be. Anyway, this is nothing about Brookman. Here’s a guy that tells everybody what they can and can’t do and I think it’s up to the people if they want to jump into the ice cold water, not for him to tell what they are or what they can do.

Alderman should pay own way

In a recent column, one of the writers thought that Sayad was being mistreated. “Poor, Sayad,” he said, probably in comparison with the mayor. It’s like a bull in a china shop. Let him pay his own fine and attorney costs.

Why can’t DP be like Rosemont?

Here we are in Des Plaines trying to dig out our sidewalks, especially in the corners where a plow has plowed it all back in and it’s frozen like a rock. While over in Rosemont, their sidewalks get plowed by their village. Why can’t Des Plaines be like that with the $10 million from the casino? No, they’d rather bill the homeowners $70 if they don’t dig out what the plow plowed back on the sidewalk. Shrewd move, city council.

Something about Putin

If you are an admirer of Russia’s Vladimir Putin, you’ll love Mark Setzer parodying Matt Bogusz. It is already obvious; the M&M twins are superior in spying embellishments. Alderman Dick Sayad needs to avoid walking over any bridges in the 4th ward: doggy poop habits.

Come on over, 4th ward

Let me get this straight. The wandering alderman is making the case for me that I can waltz into any house in Des Plaines that I please and unless I stay when asked to leave, I am not breaking the law? If that’s the case I will be joining him at his house for coffee at 2 in the morning and I invite the rest of the ward join me. Don’t worry, you won’t have to ask me twice to leave.

Wants change

Is there a reason other than spite or ego that Obama cannot congratulate the Israeli prime minister for winning his election? The media and this administration continually act like petulant children. We throw our friends under the bus and support radical causes and tyrants, I cannot wait for this egotistical administration to be out of office. The big d-cratic way to rule is also the Chicago way, play ball my way or get off my team and no more money, baby.

Prices were high

To the person who is upset that Des Plaines can’t even keep a hardware store going. I too am sad to see business in Des Plaines close up. But we all know why Ace didn’t make it. Their prices were too high. Anything you buy there you can get 20-30% cheaper at Home Depot. (Sorry, Lou Manfredini) but it’s true. Even with their 22% closing up sale it didn’t bring prices down to what I could get elsewhere.

A ‘less intimidating’ library?

To the Speak Out poster who complained about the homeless who need showers at the Des Plaines Public Library. You do know they are spending $2.5 million on renovations to “make the library less intimidating.” In addition to a gender neutral bathroom for those GLBTQ folks maybe they can add a public gender neutral shower while they are at it? That might make the library less intimidating to those of us who think libraries are for learning, not a bed and breakfast for the homeless and a video game park for adult kids still living in mom and dads basement.

Enforce parking rules

I think that all street parking of cars should not be allowed on city streets. Also, no cars are supposed to block the city drives, but, that is a state Law and our policemen do not enforce it. Start writing tickets for parking on the streets at night and start writing tickets for parking over the driveways.

Calm down, candidates

Jabs? You mean daggers. There should be a mental fitness test for our aldermen, past, present and future. Something is not right with a few of our incumbents, can’t put a handle on it, but wow, this is only local politics, folks.

Plunge play-by-play

What follows is a play-by-play account of the absurd thought process the Des Plaines City Council used to arrive at the decision to cancel the Penguin Plunge. It all began with the 5th ward alderman Jim Brookman believing that he was the first person ever -- in the entire United States of America -- to raise health and safety concerns over a charity event that requires its participants to jump into cold water. Would Special Olympics really continue to support this fundraiser if body bags trailed in its wake? Really? Come on, Jim. You need to get out more. Then it got weirder. First ward alderman Patricia Haugeberg hatched the brilliant idea of bringing one of those small backyard kiddie pools to Tap House Grill (the event sponsor) for everyone to use. To bob for apples, maybe? Or race little rubber duckies? I really don’t know. Next up, 3rd ward alderman Denise Rodd suggested waiting until the weather was warmer and then changing the name of the event to something like the Dolphin Dive. That’s kinda like serving soup at an ice cream social. Then 4th ward alderman Dick Sayad started talking and the rational part of my brain melted. Brookman chimed in with his big alternative—selling raffle tickets at Tap House Grill. I went online and found the only danger associated with raffles is paper cuts and boredom. Sixth ward alderman Mark Walsten ratcheted up the nonsense a few notches by suggesting that only the mayor and city employees be allowed to participate. You know, if I were a single employee, I wouldn’t know how to interpret that. It was weird, wild stuff when 7th ward alderman Don Smith attempted to make a Rube Goldberg-like motion that didn’t support the plunge but didn’t really do anything to prevent it, either (he’s a lawyer). Brookman eventually sniffed out this ploy but not in time to save the discussion from becoming a scene from “Waiting for Godot”. Finally, 8th ward alderman Mike Charewicz said something so completely shocking I was stunned. He reasoned that anyone over the age of 21 -- the minimum age requirement for the event -- is responsible enough to do whatever he/she choose to do, including jumping into a lake in February for charity. Amen, brother.


This is in response to the person who explained the difference between rich and average Americans in six sentences. Your premise that the rich are financially smarter because they don’t go into debt, save their money, invest in mutual funds and live within their means is pretty basic, 101, conservative, middle class thinking -- especially the line advising against accepting government handouts. Forgive me; I can’t help but imagine you as being the kind of person who takes a great deal of pride in that new Buick parked in your tidy, heated, two-car garage, as you sit in your recliner watching the nightly news, rolling your eyes at all the crazy nonsense that goes on in the world, all the time feeling a cut above it all because you (pat on the back here) were shrewd enough to invest in mutual funds. I’ll give you this, your very cautious financial strategy will no doubt yield some financial gains over a -- gulp -- 20-year period. But if everyone played it as close to the vest financially as you do, America would not be the great country that it is. Here’s another oversimplification: The difference between financially secure Americans and great Americans is courage.

How convenient for MP board

A separation agreement is in the works between Mount Prospect and absentee Village Manager Janonis. I wonder how much this is going to cost Mount Prospect taxpayers. If Mr. Janonis cannot do his job, he should resign or be terminated without a payout. He is already the 4th highest paid village manager in the state. Drawing his salary during the entire time he was on leave counts toward the final calculation of his pension. Would a payout also be counted toward his earnings for pension purposes? Is this a way to provide that “pension bump” that contributes to the bloated and unsustainable municipal pension system? It is now evident this issue will not be on the agenda for the March 16 village board meeting. According to reports, the earliest this matter could be voted on by the board is April 8, after the election. How convenient. How political machine-like. Wake up Mount Prospect voters and rid us of these entrenched village board members who take our money for granted, vote the incumbents out.

Fears Ferguson here

Does anybody have any idea how we can rid the Northwest suburbs of Section 8 housing? It’s brought a bad element, rampant crime, decline in property values, rude, ungrateful people blasting rap music day and night. How can we stand by and let our beautiful towns turn into ghettos? It’s a matter of time before another Ferguson happens here and then let the looting begin.

City doesn’t need approach

All I’m saying is this city doesn’t need aldermen like Dick Sayad wandering into private residences uninvited and unannounced just to throw their weight around.

How’s alderman?

Mark Setzer’s dirty campaign piece turns me off. He should be ashamed of himself. And he’s walking around like he’s OK. Maybe his employer should know is OK?

Says charge city, too

Sayad went to a house to get them to shovel the sidewalk and the city gave them a ticket for not doing it. The city of Des Plaines should be charged with civil rights violations for any ticket given out for code violations since they do not clean the sidewalks they own along Mannheim and Pratt.

Responding to ammo, postal Speak Outs

In response to two opinions from the 3/4/15 issue. The Obama administration is trying to ban AR 15 bullets, not all 22 caliber bullets. So I think you should be free to purchase other 22 caliber bullets, unless your neighborhood is overrun by squirrels wearing bulletproof vests which is what AR 15 bullets are good for: piercing. The other person complained about the USPS taking 10 hours to deliver a package. Obviously you don’t know how to manage a delivery company. If the USPS ran a single truck from Elk Grove to Arlington Heights, then yes it would take the amount of time you proposed; but that would be an awful waste of resources. Using your philosophy the USPS should maintain separate trucks for traveling from Elk Grove to every other town. How many hundreds of trucks would that include. Do you think maybe there was one truck which made several stops before reaching Arlington Heights. Plus I don’t think they scan the packages immediately. Maybe the USPS should employ Santa Claus’ elves during the off season, that way everyone’s package could arrive in mere seconds.

Says mayor putting up signs

I have a simple question for anybody who might be in the print shop business: how much does it cost to print up a sign with Prospect Heights Mayor Helmer’s name and office on it? I noticed he was putting them up on Saturday all over the (4) corners of Route 83 and Palatine Road. What is the cost of these signs and is anybody running against him? I guess that the elected official with the most money in his warchest wins the populace vote.

(Ed. Note: Helmer is running uncontested in the Apr. 7 election.)

What if others walked in?

Lets put their B.S. politics to the best test, please have Sayad, Brookman, Walsten and Lake (9th alderman) walk into a random home of their own ward without invitation, what are the chances those owners will not care; answer zero (0) percent; then FOIA their personal records for examination if they call the police. Home intrusion is an unacceptable practice.

Pension problems

Regarding the Journal’s recent article on how Gov. Rauner’s budget provides less money to local municipalities like Mount Prospect. The financial day of reckoning for every governmental body was sure to come following decades of spending money from tomorrow to pay for things today we do not need. MP needs to tighten its fiscal belt by ending the outrageously lucrative pensions for police, fire and muni employees. A police or fireman or muni employee can retire at age 50 after 20 years of service. That pensioner will be receiving payments from the MP taxpayers for 35 years. That is unfair and greedy. Let the pensions not start to pay out until the pensioner is 66 years old just like Social Security. Better yet get rid of all the pensions. Do these government employees think they are better than us?

Critical of mayor

It used to be our Des Plaines city elections were run at the ward level, and others that did not live in the ward, did not bother. Also they were clean campaigns. Ever since Matt Bogusz has come on the scene, things have changed. And all for the bad. It started with his dirty, malicious campaign for mayor and all the unfounded accusations and now two years later Matt Bogusz is sticking his unwanted nose into our wards. His supported candidate is playing dirty rotten politics and playing off an orchestrated smear campaign by Bogusz. We never had so much hatred as we have now in this city.

Protect Cutler

The Bears continue to sign a retinue of older player and overrated “star” players for big bucks. Things never change, no matter who is in charge. I am so glad I gave up my season tickets years ago. Fans are like lemmings and will believe the hype, just like the culture of politics. And oh for sure Cutler will take the blame and still no offensive line issues have been addressed to protect him. Even the best of quarterbacks; like Brady, Rogers, Manning, etc. occasionally throw interceptions when wide receivers cannot get separation and get open or drop passes and offensive lineman let defenders hurry, rush or sack the quarterback. Key to success is protect your quarterback.

Improve your city

A quick note to all of the elected representatives for city of Des Plaines. Get over yourselves. How about putting all of collective energy from discussing who is paying for legal fees, polar plunges, and the color of the pavers on the sidewalks, and work toward the improvement of the city? We have lost more small business than I care to name. All of the surrounding communities are thriving, yet we can’t keep a hardware store going. As a consumer, I would be more than happy to spend my money in Des Plaines, however I am forced to waste gas and my sales tax dollars traveling to Park Ridge, Rosemont, Mount Prospect and Niles. Don’t pound your collective chests for a takeout pizza stand, a bank or another auto parts store. Show us a grocery store, bring us a movie theater, show us city government knows how to function.

Quoting Churchill

As the wise and astute Winston Churchill once said, “eventually America will get it right after it tries everything else.” How true?

Too bad for you

Hi, to the person that keeps saying get rid of the pensions. It’s not our fault that you don’t have a pension. He’s paying into a pension. I’m paying into a pension and I don’t want my pension taken away because you don’t like it. Bye.